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Audrey Liebross, Madame Halfmask's alter ego, is a writer and retired government attorney. She reviews theater productions in the Palm Springs and Riverside areas for Occasionally, she ventures farther afield, such as to Los Angeles or Orange County, where she recently had the pleasure of writing several stories about the touring production of The Phantom of the Opera. Check out her work on
Audrey is married and the mother of three grown sons. She has two lovely granddaughters, both of whom, happily, seem to be developing an interest in The Phantom of the Opera.
Audrey is pictured above in front of the Majestic Theater (POTO's home on Broadway), wearing some of her Phantom finery.

Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Definitions
ALW -- Andrew Lloyd Webber

Chaney, Lon -- Star of the original Universal Studios silent horror movie titled "The Phantom of the Opera."
Daroga -- a title for a Persian police chief. The Shah of Persia sent the then-current daroga to fetch the Phantom to force him to construct a new palace. The daroga saved the Phantom's life and himself escaped to Paris. The daroga is a key character in Leroux's novel.
Erik -- Leroux claimed that the Phantom used this name, although it was not his name at birth. Leroux never revealed a surname, and different versions of the story give Erik different last names. ALW never reveals the Phantom's first or last name.

Fifth Cellar -- The location of the Phantom's home, inside the Paris Opera House
Garnier, Charles -- Architect of the Paris Opera House
Lair -- The Phantom's home in the fifth cellar. This is the term used in the ALW musical.
Leroux, Gaston -- Author of the original novel titled "The Phantom of the Opera."
Paris Opera House -- The location where most versions of the story take place. It really does have an underground lake. The building is also known as the "Palais Garnier" or simply, "The Garnier."
POTO -- The acronym for "The Phantom of the Opera." It is used most frequently to refer specifically to the ALW musical.