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This is the home page for reviews of Phantom productions and books and analyses of Phantom-related topics.  The sublinks that pop up when you click on the "Reviews and Analyses" button show the individual items available. Check back often for new material.
In the coming months, I plan to bring you reviews of other Phantom musicals besides ALW's (I've found three so far, not counting Beauty and the Beast, which also contains element of the Phantom story); a listing of some of the many books that every phan should read; and analyses about what makes Phantom so special, about the elements of a great musical, and about a host of other subjects.
If you have any ideas for topics, please contact me, at .
Meanwhile, enjoy the review of the ALW Phantom North American tour (with lots of photos), the review of Dr. John Flynn's book about Phantom versions over the years, and the analysis of differences between the New York and North American tour characterizations of Ubaldo Piangi.