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Guess the Role

Madame Halfmask has been fortunate to have taken numerous photos of POTO cast members, especially cast members appearing in ALW productions. She and Monsieur Halfmask have also attended events where they've met people currently or formerly connected with the show, and have obtained additional pictures that way.
All of the people in the photos below, except for Madame Halfmask herself, are or were cast members for one or more ALW POTO productions.  Even if you don't know their names, can you figure out who played which characters, based on their appearance? Hint: The pictures include Phantoms, Christines, Raouls, a Meg, a Piangi, and an auctioneer.
The answers are below the photographs.

Photo Credits: Audrey Liebross and Jay Jarvis.

Top row left:  Laird Mackintosh, currently New York's Monsieur Andre, played the Broadway Phantom on an interim basis. In Toronto, he played Raoul and understudied the Phantom. I've never seen him in the title role, but Madame Halfmask loves his interpretation of Monsieur Andre and Mary Poppins' George Banks.
Top row center: Kyle Barasich, formerly a Broadway Raoul, recently substituted for current Raoul Jeremy Hays. Kyle is one of Madame Halfmask's favorite Raouls.
Top row right: Jeremy Hays, the current Broadway Raoul, another of Madame Halfmask's favorite Raouls. She feels as if she knows him, because she had a conversation at the Majestic with Jeremy's mother-in-law, who adores him.
Middle row left: Brianne Kelly Morgan (Meg), Anthony Crivello (the Phantom), and Madame Halfmask pose in Las Vegas after a performance of Phantom: The Las Vegas Spectacular. Both performers appeared during the entire six-year run. During the first year, Tony shared the role of the Phantom with Brent Barrett.
Middle row center: Kaley Ann Voorhees, currently the alternate Christine on Broadway (she's superb, by the way); Christian Sebek (Broadway's top-notch Ubaldo Piangi); and Madame Halfmask.
Middle row right: Brent Barrett, who shared the role of the Phantom with Tony Crivello during the first year of the Las Vegas run. Madame Halfmask never had the pleasure of seeing Brent as the Phantom.
Bottom row left: Mark Emerson, auctioneer in the current North American tour.
Bottom row center: No, it's not Liam Neeson, but John Cudia (pronounced Koo-DEE-ya), who played both Raoul (on Broadway) and the Phantom, first on tour and later in New York. According to his web site, , he is the first performer to play both the Phantom and Les Miz's Jean Valjean on Broadway. (Although many Phantoms have also played JVJ, they have not done so in New York). Madame Mask believes that John's interpretation of the role is top-notch.
Bottom row right: Mary Michael Patterson, who has played Christine on Broadway, sometimes as the primary Christine and sometimes as the alternate. (She, too, is phantastic, by the way). That is sunlight hitting the right side of her face, and not a mask.